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Disposing of Waste Responsibly

4.4 pounds of trash per day? Yes, that’s the amount an average person throws away. In addition to reducing that amount, disposing responsibly matters. Here are some suggestions. (Photo: Grant Hutchins, Creative Commons)

Don’t be an ‘Eco-Tourist’ Church

Some churches jump on the “green” bandwagon but don’t ride it very far, says this blogger, who calls them “eco-tourist” congregations. Is your church one of them? If so, there’s plenty you can do about it. (Photo: Essentielly, Creative Commons)

Reconnecting to the Natural World

Richard Louv coined the term “nature deficit disorder” to explain the effects of being disconnected from the natural world. In his new book, Vitamin N, he offer 500 actions people can take to improve their quality of life and their communities. How can our congregations encourage more connection with creation? It’s good stewardship of creation […]

Why Christians Should Care About Creation

In this podcast the director of Lutherans Restoring Creation discusses the role of creation in theology and the resources available for Christians who want to bring care for creation into their faith lives. From Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary.

Energy-Saving Ideas for Your Church

You save not only energy but also money when you move your congregation a little farther down the ecological road. It’s a win for you church, your pocketbook and the earth. From (Photo: Frank Hebbert, Creative Commons)

Host a ‘Before the Flood’ Screening

Here’s your opportunity to host a screening of Before the Flood, Fisher Steven’s and Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary film about climate change, in your congregation–complete with screening rights, discussion guide, and DVD. (Photo: Interfaith Power & Light)

Earth Stewardship Experts

Scientists not only know exactly what’s happening to the only planet home we have, they also know how to care for it. The Earth Stewardship webpage of the Ecological Society of America has authoritative information and great tips! (Photo: Bark, Creative Commons)

Host a Cool Harvest Potluck

How about hosting a “Cool Harvest Potluck” as a fun, faithful, and delicious way to talk about climate change? Interfaith Power & Light offers a free kit to help you plan and promote an event in your congregation or community. (Photo: Monado, Creative Commons)

Say an Eco-Prayer

Eco-Prayer is a website with a simple idea: “Choose one place, plant or animal that you love that is Local to your home and one that is distant or global. Each Day pray with positive intention for what you love and the entire Ecosystem that supports it.” Check it out!

Stewardship of Ugly Produce

According to author Robin Shreeves, it’s time Americans embraced “ugly” to combat food waste. So in praise of the imperfect apple and ugly tomato, choose to eat the good food of God’s abundant harvest and give thanks for ugly produce. (Photo: Steven Depolo, Creative Commons)

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