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Crowdfunding for Congregations and Nonprofits

Because the church has always funded its ministry through small gifts from a large number of people, crowdfunding is not too much of a stretch for congregations. Crowdfunding has gained a respectable status among the many ways to fund new ventures, whether business-related or charitable. Crowdfunding presents a clear opportunity for church-related giving to expand its focus, audience, vision, and reach. (Read more in this free download!) (Photo: James Cridland, Creative Commons)

16 Ways to Increase Church Giving

Here are 16 great — yet simple — ideas that your congregation can take and run with. Number one should register a collective “Dugh”: Establish a stewardship committee.  Check out the other 15, from the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, Canada. (Photo by Lisafx, via

A Guide for Year-Round Financial Stewardship Planning

This is a comprehensive guide for your congregation’s stewardship and finance team — a 46-page resource from the Presbyterian Church USA! Just what your church needs to get started or to stay on track. (Photo © JulietPhotography –

Rethinking the Pledge

Around this time of year, churches all over the nation will hold stewardship drives by sending out letters and cards and inviting responses. But the results are predictably disappointing. At St. George’s, Valley Lee, MD, we’re ditching this conventional system and have been making innovations to connect the stewardship campaign to other areas of the Christian life. (Photo by Daniel Lobo, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!)

Stewardship Starter Kit

Here’s a pretty sweet assortment of materials to get a congregation going in a stewardship program – from pledge cards to brochures. The Evangelical Covenant Church has put this together for its congregations, but this starter kit could provide wonderful inspiration and helpful guidance for any church to develop its own program.

Six Stewardship Words to Live By

Looking for a way to teach biblical stewardship in your congregation? This handy six-part series offers a study guide on important stewardship concepts — live, gather, connect, serve, give and multiply. Includes Bible references and teaching instructions. (Photo © Vibe Images –

The Hows and Whys of Money Leadership

Here’s a free, seven-part curriculum for leaders who want to plumb the depths of their congregation’s financial soul.

Basics for a Year-Round Ministry of Stewardship

Sadly, for many churches stewardship campaign planning begins after Labor Day. A good stewardship ministry is a year-round effort. This free 16-page guide helps clarify ideas and misconceptions about stewardship as it provides a framework for planning a year-round stewardship campaign. (Flickr imge by alancleaver_2000, used by Creative Commons license)

Host a Final Affairs Fair

Check out how one St. Philip’s Cathedral (ECUSA) in Atlanta, educated its members about wills, planned gifts, and getting one’s final affairs in order–in a lighthearted and informative format. Click here to learn more. (Photo by Ken_Mayer. Thanks!)

Year-Round Stewardship Calendar

We are accustomed to thinking of stewardship in terms of the annual “pledge drive.” It happens once a year, and mostly we endure it as a necessary evil to raise money to run the church. This calendar takes stewardship out of the “annual occurrence” category and places it where it should be – right in […]