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Host a ‘Before the Flood’ Screening

Here’s your opportunity to host a screening of Before the Flood, Fisher Steven’s and Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary film about climate change, in your congregation–complete with screening rights, discussion guide, and DVD. (Photo: Interfaith Power & Light)

Host a Cool Harvest Potluck

How about hosting a “Cool Harvest Potluck” as a fun, faithful, and delicious way to talk about climate change? Interfaith Power & Light offers a free kit to help you plan and promote an event in your congregation or community. (Photo: Monado, Creative Commons)

Am I Bad for Opposing the Church on Climate Change?

Like a lot of faithful Christians, one writer strongly disagrees with his church’s position that lifts up climate change as a human-caused problem that needs humanity’s concerted efforts to counter. He asks the Catholic webstie Crux if that makes him a bad Catholic. The website’s answer may speak to other climate-change skeptics as well. (Photo: […]

  • September 22
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Where Christians Get Environmentalism Wrong

Some Christians want to dismiss the environment as a lesser issue compared with the weightiness of the Gospel. But if the Gospel is the story of how the life, death and resurrection of Christ redeems and renews believers and all creation with them, then the proper care of the earth becomes a Gospel implication. Good […]

The Church and Climate Change

Catholic Bernard Unabali of Papua New Guinea serves people who became the world’s first Climate Change Refugees when rising sea levels overran their atoll communities, and he expects there to be many more refugees coming years. Part of a Catholic symposium on climate change, his witness helps connect faith and the environment.

EPA – Facts on Climate Change

Climate change has become a polarizing issue in our country. But the Environmental Protection Agency has some impartial, non-alarmist, authoritative, commonsense information about the science of climate change — and what we can do about it! (Photo © Dmitry Rukhlenko –

Chilling Weather, Indeed

You can call me the Weather Grinch if you like, or maybe the Scrooge of Climate. But I find it hard to face so many people positively gleeful because the temperature in February has soared into the 50s, or even 60s. (Photo © Jan Will –

The Catholic Church and Climate Change

The Catholic Church hierarchy, beginning with the Pope more than two decades ago, has framed climate change as a moral issue involving ‘the future of God’s creation’ and one best viewed through four principles guiding Catholics’ worldview. Nice article from the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media. (Photo (c)  Andrii Iurlov – Fotlia)

Katherine Hayhoe: Sandy and Climate Change

Is Superstorm Sandy a symptom of climate change? Listen to this interview with Christian climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe who puts the storm into historical and scientific perspective, as well as providing an update on the latest in climate science. Posted on Patheos. (Photo by DVDSHUB, used by Creative Commons License. Thanks. Photo is a house […]

Scientific and Spiritual Dimensions of Climiate Change

Here is a handy study course consisting of nine sessions of two hours each that explores the challenges of climate change from scientific and spiritual dimensions. Leaders will find everything they need to plan and run the course. Written from a Baha’i faith standpoint, the materials are readily adaptable for other contexts. (NASA Photo, public domain)