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January 2017 Stewardship ‘Toolbox’

Here is a great all-in-one resource for your congregation’s monthly stewardship communications. You’ll find short “Stewardship Snippets” tied to the RCL readings for every Sunday’s bulletin, articles for your monthly newsletter or website – ready to cut and paste, plus links to resources and more! Prepared by SOLI web editor Rob Blezard. (Photo © Les Cunliffe […]

What Resolutions Would Jesus Make?

Now there’s nothing wrong with setting goals that will lead to positive changes in our lives, but I’ve noticed how self-centered my resolutions over the years tended to be. I resolve mostly to do things that will enrich MY life, firm up MY finances, improve MY health and promote MY happiness. Narcissistic resolutions are perfect for people of our me-first age, but methinks not so much for followers Jesus. (Photo by Erephas, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!)

GPS: God’s Positioning System

Where are you in your journey of faith, and how did you get here? Where are you going, and where do you think you will end up? Many of God’s faithful disciples don’t exactly know because they are are guided by the the Holy Spirit. How does God’s Positioning System work in your life? (Photo by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, used by creative Commons License)

Stewardship in 5 Simple Steps

Many people would love to give to their congregation more regularly and methodically, but they don’t know how — or even how to plan it. Here is a simple five-step process that we introduced to my congregation. Feel free tocopy or adapt it for your use. (Photo © koya79 –

Testimony of a Generosity Jedi

Most things take desire, time and practice to do well, and even more desire, more time and more practice to master. The same holds true for living with generosity. Good stewardship starts with desire and requires discipline and practice. But how can we cultivate the desire for people to live generously, when the whole proposition is counter-cultural? (Photo by Phillip West (who specializes in paper folding), used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!)

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A New Benefit to Exercising!

On Tuesday I worked out at the gym, spending a little over an hour to stretch, complete an abdominal circuit, lift weights, and then do 30 minutes of hard cardio. Working out has been my twice-a-week routine for 13 years now. But this time was different. It was free! (Photo © Warren Goldswain – Fotolia)

The Measure of Our Wealth

Every month I receive statements detailing to the penny the balances in my checking, savings and retirement accounts. Also without fail I receive statements detailing to the penny my liabilities in credit cards and other debt. Then I use a household accounting software program to put all this information together. The result? I know exactly how much money I have month by month. We do a good job of tracking how rich we are in worldly wealth. But we are not so good when it comes to knowing how rich we are in God. (Photo © Borys Shevchuk – Fotolia)

The Wonder Organizer

Time – the final frontier! Manage time well, and you’ve got it licked. As for me, I used to forget stuff, important stuff, on a regular basis. But I’ve discovered a low-tech wonder tool that has made my life a LOT easier. (Photo by Justin See, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!)

Free Will, Free Choice, and the Abundant Life

How would you like to live longer, have more energy and be free of many chronic and painful diseases? Medical experts have discovered the secret, and its available everywhere — and without a prescription! Moreover, it’s extremely affordable! What is the secret? (Photo © Sebastian Duda –

When People Are Too Busy for Church

Whether by choice or forced to by the squeeze of economics, people are more harried and overbooked on weekends than they ever have been. But at the same time, our worship communities have done little to change to help families stay faithful. ideas, anyone? (Photo © mtkang –