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Shalom and Smartphones

Technology provides an abundance of blessings and opportunities, but our cultural dependence on technology is also leading to a variety of problems and challenges, including what is termed “smartphone addiction.” Tom Beutel offers some thoughts on good stewardship of technology. (Photo: Esther Vargas, Creative Commons)

Try this 30 Day Gratitude Quiz

Here’s a 30 day gratitude quiz that’s definitely worth exploring–with children, teens, and adults. Author Robin Shreeves suggests adapting it for your context. (Photo: Rick Bradley, Creative Commons)

Mental health of Clergy Requires Balance

Stress comes with the job for most clergy. . Pastors need to be aware of factors that ratchet up the stress — and things they can do to maintain equilibrium, says this report from the Presbyterian Church (USA).  (Photo © styf –

Dealing with Clergy Stress

Because of the demanding nature of their jobs, clergy are at greater risk for stress-related mental health issues, such as burnout, depression and “compassion fatigue,” according to health surveys. The United Methodist Church report talks about the risks and how some congregations and pastors are coping.  (Photo by Bottled Void, used by Creative Commons license.)

Weight Loss is Ministry’s Gain

A pastor who once weighed over 400 pounds and preached while attached to an oxygen tank lost his weight and energized his congregation’s ministry by asking members to pledge a dollar or two for every pound he lost. That kind of playful innovation is sorely needed because clergy face higher rates of obesity than people in […]

Protecting Pastors from Burnout

Studies have shown that many pastors and church staff are burning out. They feel the pressure to preach and create programs and events that entertain and inspire congregants, many of whom hardly serve in their church. What can be done? Eliminating pastor and church staff burnout requires a change of thinking and behavior.  Good reading […]

  • September 26
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Stewardship of a Pastor’s Marriage & Family

Most ministers realize that the American family is in trouble. We have read the statistics and seen the reports. But unless the pastor has a healthy marriage, he or she will probably not provide the teaching and resources needed for his people to develop healthy marriages. Here are some tips for a healthy marriage.  From […]

  • September 26
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