The Budgeting/Happiness Connection

Budgeting may not only improve one’s financial condition but also one’s happiness. Good budgeting is also connected to smarter spending. Check out this article and see how you can adjust your spending habits to yield more satisfaction with life. (Photo:, Creative Commons)

17 Stats for Consumption

Here’s a handy article from Joshua Becker referencing 17 staggering statistics about American consumer habits. You’ll find these stats fascinating, sad, and great fodder for preaching and teaaching about stewardship. (Photo: Rob Holland, Creative Commons)

  • September 15
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The Freedom in Saying “No”

Next time you’re tempted to make a purchase, consider the freedom you night gain by saying “no” instead of “yes” to consumption. Joshua Becker explains how part of good stewardship lies in learning to assess the difference in these two simple words.  (Photo: sboneham, Creative Commons)

Spread a Little Joy and Downsize

Lloyd Alter shares his story of downsizing during the renovation of a three-story house into two units. Instead of having a garage sale or selling on ebay, he and his wife gave their excess possessions to many different people. For the Alter family the experience was both liberating and joy-filled. (Photo: Stephan Dann, Creative Commons)

Dealing with Christmas Debt Hangover

Church attendance goes up in January but giving goes down as people begin to pay off the Christmas spending. The Rocket Company offers four ideas for how to help parishioners avoid debt hangover in the future and become better stewards. (Photo: Mike Kline, Creative Commons)

Live More with Less in 2015

An ever increasing number of people are choosing to live with fewer possessions and as a result are experiencing a better quality of life. Read about the new minimalists, gather some ideas, and use what fits your context to be a better steward of all of God’s creation in 2015. (Photo: storebukkebruse, Creative Commons)

‘Tis the Season…for Technology

The Barna Group offers this report about how technology is affecting celebrations of Christmas and other holidays of this season. Technology’s  use, and its abuse, has a profound affect on our lives, so be sure to take time to read this short offering. (Photo: Luke Wroblewski, Creative Commons)

Streamline your Life with Good Stewardship Habits

Good stewardship habits are good for both your life and your wallet, according to Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow, who includes sharing, gratitude, and contentment among her twelve tips to streamline one’s life and budget. Dr. Yarrow’s suggestions are particularly timely for this season of Advent when we are bombarded with messages to overspend and overbuy. (Photo: Rubbermaid Products, Creative Commons)

Host a Cool Climate Potluck in your Congregation

Here’s a wonderful toolkit from Interfaith Power and Light designed to help you start or continue a conversation about healthy food choices, environmental stewardship, and climate. The kit provides all you need to host your own event. (Photo: gina pina, Creative Commons)

Plastic Purge

Want to know more about plastics, their effects on humans and the environment, and how to recycle them properly? Here’s a comprehensive article from UTNE Reader by Plastic Purge author Michael SanClements. You’re almost there. Click the title to be redirected. (Photo: Katherine Davis, Creative Commons)