The Budgeting/Happiness Connection

Budgeting may not only improve one’s financial condition but also one’s happiness. Good budgeting is also connected to smarter spending. Check out this article and see how you can adjust your spending habits to yield more satisfaction with life. (Photo:, Creative Commons)

When Vision & Discipleship Meet Budget

Everything is a choice, and leaders choose the financial culture they create. Every conversation can be both a vision and discipleship conversation, including planning the annual budget. Invite congregants to invest in a vision rather than simply approve a budget. (Photo: © Artur Gabrysiak –  

Try a Vision-Based Budget Retreat

How about planning and leading a “vision-based budgeting retreat” this year? Here are some thoughts from David Putman and Todd McMichen of Auxano, as well as a link to a more in-depth resource. (Photo:, creative commons,

Live Abundantly Within Your Means

Today, we’re bombarded with advertising designed to convince us that we need the latest, the fastest, the biggest, and the best. No wonder many of us live with too much debt. To maintain financial priorities and live within your means, you must reconcile your needs and your wants. From LifeWay. (Photo by Katerha, used by […]

Streamline your Life with Good Stewardship Habits

Good stewardship habits are good for both your life and your wallet, according to Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow, who includes sharing, gratitude, and contentment among her twelve tips to streamline one’s life and budget. Dr. Yarrow’s suggestions are particularly timely for this season of Advent when we are bombarded with messages to overspend and overbuy. (Photo: Rubbermaid Products, Creative Commons)

A Budget Your Family Can Live With

It’s important to plan for how you’ll allocate your financial resources for each month of the year. This process, commonly known as a budget or spending plan, won’t take long to develop but will pay great rewards throughout the year. This article, posted on LifeWay, can help you budget. (Photo by Chris Potter, used by […]

Ten Tips to Improve Your Church Budget

If the words “church budget” make you feel queasy, you’re not alone. Shrinking budgets seem to be the status quo for most churches. Although there is no easy solution to dire financial concerns, here are ten budget tips from ShareFaith Magazine. (Photo (c) Monkey Business, via Fotolia)

Create a Sound Congregational Budget

Creating a sound budget is the result of two ongoing disciplines: clear visioning, discernment and articulation of your congregation’s mission and ministry; and routine, year-round internal monitoring of financial results and regular reporting within the vestry and to your congregation on its financial status. This article, from the Episcopal Church Foundation, tells you how to […]

Budgeting for Irregular Expenses

Budgeting for life’s irregular expenses is a real discipline and part of good personal financial stewardship. Click here for some timely tips from Joan Otto at Man Vs Debt. (Photo:

Building a Narrative Budget

Many congregations have discovered the narrative budget as a way of talking about the needs of the church to carry out its mission. Rather than a spreadsheet that lists columns and columns of numbers, the narrative budget tells the story of the congregation’s mission and service and how the budget components contribute.  (Photo by Howard […]

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