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Wait Wait…Please tell me!

Lectionary Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent, December 2, 2012
Advent involves waiting, but do tell the story in a way that invites disciples to live into the countercultural and radical message of the good news. Here are some ideas to begin that conversation. (Image: © –

Listen…Can You Hear Him?

Christ the King Sunday Lectionary Reflection, November 25, 2012
Sometimes it is difficult to hear Jesus amidst all the noise of daily living. Think about it. Maybe this Sunday is a good time to help folks prepare for Advent with some tools to hear Jesus above the din of consumer culture. (Photo © Warren Goldswain –

No Time for Fear (or Loathing)

Twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost Lectionary Reflection, November 18, 2012
In a climate of fear and loathing, how do this week’s lessons speak to us as Christians? What is our response as we walk in the light of God? (Photo © 2010 J. Ronald Lee. Thanks!)

When Less is More

25th Sunday after Pentecost Lectionary Reflection, November 11, 2012

What if less really is more, especially when we entrust all that we have to God? Do we dare risk life abundant? (Photo by Jarkko Laine)

For All the Saints: Of Tears and Glory

Lectionary Reflection for All Saints Sunday
November 4, 2012
All Saints Sunday is a day of celebration and remembering, a time of reflection and thanksgiving. This is the day where tears and belief comingle to yield hope in the grace and glory of God. (Photo by Paul J. Everett)

Open my Eyes and Write on my Heart

22nd Sunday after Pentecost Lectionary Reflection, October 28,2012
How is God opening your eyes and writing on your heart? What do you see? What do you wish not to see? (Photo by lissalou66. Thanks!)

Invitation to the ‘Suffer’ Club

21st Sunday after Pentecost Lectionary Reflection, October 21, 2012
The disciples still don’t get it; Jesus’ style of leadership involves following, serving, and suffering. We’re still invited to join the club with faithful disciples from all times and places. Are you ready, willing, and able? (Photo © IngridHS –

What do you Lack?

20th Sunday after Pentecost, October 14, 2012
Lectionary Reflection
What possessions, what “stuff,” and what intangibles are keeping you from following Jesus’ instructions for discipleship? This is another hard teaching, but it is one that comes with a promise. Photo: © dimdimich –

It’s Complicated

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost October 7, 2012 What are mere mortals that you should be mindful of them, human beings that you should care for them? Psalm 8:4 Life is messy. It’s rarely as orderly, prettified, and sensible as we delude ourselves into thinking it is. The creation is both beautiful and broken, or as […]

Rx for Broken Lives and Faltering Faith

As the most obese or overweight people on the planet, Americans know we need to do something about our poor health. Fortunately, the medical community is responding with remedies, both complex and commonsense. But is our spiritual health much better? Fortunately, the Bible tells us clearly how to get into good spiritual shape!

  • September 26
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