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Why are Christians so Miserable at Charity?

When it comes to giving to the poor, why are Christians so miserable at it? The short answer is human nature, but the long answer has to do with one’s experiences with money. Generally , the more money people have, the less generous they are. Those who have experienced poverty are more likely to help. Here is an exploration, as well as some tips for developing your own generosity. (Photo: Steven Depolo, Creative Commons)

Cultivate Gratitude in the Church

Scientists and church folk alike know that living a life of gratitude reaps benefits spiritually, mentally and physically. “Thankfulness releases us from anger and from materialism,” says Doris Whitaker, University of Mississippi Medical Center chaplain. “It helps us acknowledge that there’s something greater than us.” Here, with links to lots of other resources, are some ways to cultivate generosity.

Does Your Congregation Celebrate Generosity as a Way of Life?

Author Tim Shapiro suggests six measures for whether your congregation is celebrating and cultivating generosity as a way of life. How is your congregation stewarding the call to help people develop lives of deep faith and generosity? (Photo:, Creative Commons)

Create a Culture of Giving in Your Church

In the competitive world of nonprofit funding, church leaders have an advantage capturing the hearts and minds of people to support ministry. Why? Because we often see them face-to-face. How are we doing at creating a culture of giving when our people are present? Here are tips from the Mennonite Church USA. (Photo: ThrasherDave, Creative […]

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Create a Church Endowment Fund

An endowment fund can help provide financial stability for your congregation for years to come. This free 14-page resource offers solid advice for how to go about creating a fund — and even a checklist! Written for the Presbyterian Church (USA), it has good tips for any church. (Photo © rangizzz –

The Lessons of Less

Mom and church leader Janet McMahon shares her story of learning to opt out of consumer culture and the surprising gifts that accompanied the lesson. Check out her story! (Photo:, Creative Commons)

Research Shows Children Benefit from Gratitude

Gratitude does make a difference! Check out this recent article by Diana Kapp in The Wall Street Journal. (Photo: USAG-Humphreys, Creative Commons)

Habits of Gratitude

Jeremy Adam Smith of the Greater Good Science Center points to six traits grateful people habitually exhibit. While not specifically linked to stewardship and faith practice, these six traits are reflective of Christian teaching and discipleship practice. Read on for the full story! (Photo: angies, Creative Commons)