The Budgeting/Happiness Connection

Budgeting may not only improve one’s financial condition but also one’s happiness. Good budgeting is also connected to smarter spending. Check out this article and see how you can adjust your spending habits to yield more satisfaction with life. (Photo:, Creative Commons)

The Liturgy of Abundance, the Myth of Scarcity

One of Christian theology’s most prophetic voices offers a challenging biblical analysis of the role of money in our culture. Wealth in America, Brueggemann says, acts as a narcotic, numbing us. “The great contradiction is that we have more and more money and less and less generosity — less and less public money for the needy, less charity for the neighbor.” (Photo: Prisoner 5413, Creative Commons)

  • September 20
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The Freedom in Saying “No”

Next time you’re tempted to make a purchase, consider the freedom you night gain by saying “no” instead of “yes” to consumption. Joshua Becker explains how part of good stewardship lies in learning to assess the difference in these two simple words.  (Photo: sboneham, Creative Commons)

11 Ways to Simplify your Finances

Good financial stewardship doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out these 11 ways to simplify your finances from author Bob Lotich of SeedTime. (Photo: Steven DePolo, Creative Commons)

4 Ways Christians Can Be Better with Their Money

It’s  not rocket science, but Derek Olsen’s thoughts on such topics as spending and debt bear frequent repeating. After all, there’s always room for improvement! (Photo: Steven DePolo, Creative Commons)

A Trinitarian Approach to Finances

Tim Schuster writes about the financial trinity: A practical, emotional, and spiritual view of money in this article from Brightpeak Financial. Whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between, single, partnered, or parenting, your approach to finances is a matter of stewardship. (Photo: Chris Potter, Creative Commons)

  • September 16
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Hey Men! Why Give Money to the Church?

In our culture many men are obsessed with money. Can making money be bad? Only if a man allows it to control his life. Normally when you make it to give it, you control it, not the other way around. Here is some advice for men in dealing with money, from Charisma magazine. (Photo © […]

Church Giving in a Digital World

Be sure to read this article by Matt Morris. Online giving goes hand-in-hand with your worshiping community’s digital presence–something many folks feel is no longer an option. (Photo: © momius –

Dealing with Christmas Debt Hangover

Church attendance goes up in January but giving goes down as people begin to pay off the Christmas spending. The Rocket Company offers four ideas for how to help parishioners avoid debt hangover in the future and become better stewards. (Photo: Mike Kline, Creative Commons)

Terminology 101

Here’s a wonderful essay that defines four oft-used words in the world of congregational stewardship: “stewardship,” “tithing,” “giving,” and “annual pledge.” Reprinted from Episcopal Cafe by ECF Vital Practices, you will find the Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck’s thoughts worth pondering and sharing. (Photo: 401K (2013), Creative Commons)