Disposing of Waste Responsibly

4.4 pounds of trash per day? Yes, that’s the amount an average person throws away. In addition to reducing that amount, disposing responsibly matters. Here are some suggestions. (Photo: Grant Hutchins, Creative Commons)

Host a Cool Harvest Potluck

How about hosting a “Cool Harvest Potluck” as a fun, faithful, and delicious way to talk about climate change? Interfaith Power & Light offers a free kit to help you plan and promote an event in your congregation or community. (Photo: Monado, Creative Commons)

Stewardship of Creation: Blessing Pets

Here’s a compendium of good resources for pet blessings from our friends at ECF Vital Practices. We are called to be stewards of creation, and pet blessings can help set the tone for those who enjoy the companionship of all God’s creatures. (Photo: Tony Lanciabeta, Creative Commons)

  • September 18
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Awakening to God’s Call to Earthkeeping

Here is a real gem! This 50-page resource includes a leader guide and participant materials for use in a faith-based small group context: adult or older youth Sunday school, Christian Education classes, women’s circles, men’s groups, congregational “Green Team,” or in a retreat setting. (Also can be ordered for $5 from the ELCA Resource Catalog.)

  • September 12
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Climate Change Resources for Children and Youth

With school and faith formation on the horizon, here’s a resource trove for educating children and youth about climate change and creation care from Operation NOAH, an ecumenical Christian charity in the UK. You’re sure to find something useful here! (Photo: rambojan iphoneography, Creative Commons)

7 Ways Climate Change Affects Our Health

Scientist and evangelical Christian Katharine Hayhoe explains seven ways that climate change is affecting our health in this article printed in The Huffington Post and why we need to make changes now. (Photo: rambojan iphoneography, Creative Commons)

Eating as Discipleship

“When we eat as members of creation, we learn to see creation not as mere fuel, but as a gift from God,” says author Jeffry Bilbro in a thoughtful review of Lisa Graham McMinn’s book “To the Table: A Spirituality of Food, Farming, and Community.” Bilbro’s essay addresses the importance of how we view and experience food and consumption. (Photo: Faith Goble, Creative Commons)

Creation Care for Children

Blessed Earth offers a great list of resources for lessons, activities, and books to teach children about creation care. You’re sure to find something useful! (Photo: d-olwen-dee, creative commons)

Creation Care Curriculum: Every Creature Singing

This spring while scheduling your Earth Day observance, plan to educate your church on how our decisions impact the one and only planet that God gave us to live on — and how we can care for creation! “Every Creature Singing” gives you a detailed 13-session lesson plan, as well as a teacher’s guide. Each lesson has Scripture, readings, discussion questions that focus on your neighborhood, and other resources. (Photo: George Fox Evangelical Seminary, Creative Commons)

Good Steward Worksheet

Here’s a helpful tool from the folks at–a worksheet for daily, monthly, and yearly covenant activities for better stewardship. Permission is given to reprint for your use in the congregation. (Photo: IFPL, Creative Commons)