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Be Still, Steward!

The Reign of Christ, Year C, November 20, 2016
It is an act of stewardship to stop our excessive “doing” and spend time “being” with God. It is not easy to slow down, and it is certainly countercultural in our over-scheduled, multi-tasking culture, but making dedicated time to focus on God is essential to our overall well-being. (Photo: Leland Francisco, Creative Commons

‘Edgy’ Stewardship for Troubling Times

Lectionary Reflection for the 25th Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, November 11, 2016
In this week’s gospel lesson, Jesus instructs us to see our suffering and the changes that ravage our security and life as opportunities to witness and testify to the love and grace of our Lord. We are called to steward an “edgy” faith. (Photo: Georgie Pauwels, Creative Commons)

Instructions for Would-Be Saints

All Saints Sunday, Year C, November 6, 2016
This All Saints Sunday take this challenging lesson from Jesus with its absolutely daunting set of instructions, its beautiful blessings, and its condemning woes, and remind the faithful that they are indeed in the company of all the saints and are the stronger for it. (Photo: fady habib, Creative Commons)

Freedom? What Freedom?

Reformation Sunday, Year C, October 30, 2016
Forget the vain promises of the world, the polarizing pander of candidates for public office, and the bootstraps mentality of contemporary culture. Real freedom is found only in deep relationship with God and with God’s people. (Photo: Osajus, Creative Commons)


Lectionary Reflection for the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, October 23, 2016
Why be stingy with mercy toward others when God desires all to be held in the divine grip of grace? When we let go of the need to be right, to be an insider, and to be better than others, we find that life opens up–real life. (Photo: Jimmie, Creative Commons)

Grappling with the Divine

Lectionary Reflection for the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, October 16, 2016
Like Jacob, are we willing to encounter God in our dark nights of the soul and hang on for dear life? Ultimately, are we able to submit to the blessing—named and claimed and never forsaken? (Photo: Michael Swan, Creative Commons)

The Gratitude Attitude

Lectionary Reflection for the Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, October 9, 2016
If living a grateful life leads to so many positive results, why isn’t everyone hopping on the gratitude train? The story from this week’s gospel lesson can shed some light on that and lead us to the wholeness Christ offers. (Photo: Julie Jordan Scott, Creative Commons)

Stewards of Faith

Lectionary Reflection for the 20th Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, October 2, 2016
This week’s gospel and epistle lesson provide important instruction about being stewards of the very faith we name, claim, and live. It doesn’t get much more basic than that, and this is some very good news. (Photo: Rex Regum, Creative Commons)

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Take Hold of Real Life

Lectionary Reflection for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost, Year C, September 25, 2016
Wait! Where’s the good news? How is this parable about a great chasm and Hades and suffering good news? Where’s the hope in this passage? Paul had a few ideas to share with Timothy, and we can learn from them, too. (Photo: Nosha, Creative Commons)

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Why Perseverance Matters

Lectionary Reflection for the 26th Sunday after Pentecost November 17, 2013 Brothers and sisters, do not be weary in doing what is right. 2 Thessalonians 3:13 Doing the right thing can be tough—tough to discern, tough to put into practice, and tough practice consistently. Staying the course and using critical thinking to discern the right […]