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Don’t be an ‘Eco-Tourist’ Church

Some churches jump on the “green” bandwagon but don’t ride it very far, says this blogger, who calls them “eco-tourist” congregations. Is your church one of them? If so, there’s plenty you can do about it. (Photo: Essentielly, Creative Commons)

Energy-Saving Ideas for Your Church

You save not only energy but also money when you move your congregation a little farther down the ecological road. It’s a win for you church, your pocketbook and the earth. From (Photo: Frank Hebbert, Creative Commons)

Environmental Churches

Check out this short National Geographic Video about Environmental Churches. These congregations are examples of those taking substantial steps to evaluate and reduce their consumption of energy and resources. (Photo: upyernos, Creative Commons)

Become an ‘Energy Star’ Congregation

Don’t just preach about creation care, lead by example! Get your congregation involved in energy efficiency in the federal ‘Energy Star’ program. It’s a win-win-win, helping to conserve energ, save the church money (that can be used for mission) and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.  Moreover, you’ll be teaching God’s people a lesson.  (Photo © Mopic – […]

Going Green at the Office…

…includes the church office, too! Here’s a handy infographic that makes offers easy ways to make your church or faith-based non-profit a little greener. (Photo by © kromkrathog –

Bottom Line Ministries that Matter

From articulating a Christian call and moral obligation to stewardship of creation to practical ways to move toward congregational energy efficiency and cost-savings, this 36 page downloadable resource produced by the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program is good reading.   (Photo by Horia Varlan used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

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