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Tithing with Justice

Here’s a thoughtful article by Chris Haw about the biblical practice of tithing and its relationship to justice. Posted on the Two Cents blog, you are invited to join the conversation. (Photo by SAiM)

Carpe Tithem: How tithing can invigorate your faith

The vast majority of people in the world cannot even imagine the standard of living that most Americans take for granted. The truth is that we are called to worship God with our wallet as well as our body, mind, spirit and heart. Following are five ways to re-imagine the tithe so that we can see it as an essential expression of the life of faith. (Great article in the Journal of Lutheran Ethics.) Photo © Pei Lin –

Tithing = ten percent…of what?

Here’s an amusing, yet insightful, look at what constitutes “tithing.” Click here to watch a YouTube video entitled “Tithing = ten percent…of what?” (Photo by seo_gun used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

Testimony of a Tither

I have tithed for many decades, and it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Although there were always places that the money could go, I never felt that I did not have enough for me and my family. I also felt the need to tell others of my tithing experience. Why am I a tither?

Tithing: A good response?

By the Rev. David Conrad
Thanks is the most wonderful Christian reason for giving throughout the New Testament. For some, thanks is an automatic response to having received something. But when considering all the gifts God gives us, such as grace, forgiveness, love, hope and eternal life, is there any greater response than thanks?

More than tipping — tithing!

By The Rev. Roy Roderick
Although followers of Christ are not to expect thanks for sharing the Good News entrusted to them, this does not mean that no gratitude is necessary in religion. For faith, ingratitude is a tragedy. As King Lear said in the day of his own tragedy, “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.” So many never even give to God a grace before a meal, but feel compelled to offer a tip to the server afterwards.