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Living Wi$ely

Living Wi$ely is a personal finance and budget counseling ministry that helps participants explore basic concepts of 1) creating and living within a budget; 2) saving, giving and getting out of debt; 3) biblical principles and spiritual issue of money. It is designed to be offered weekly for four weeks. The free online materials include the Financial Workshop Manual and a PowerPoint presentation for each of the four sessions. (Photo (c) Ariel Grimm, ShareAlike License)

‘Conversation Starter’ on Gratitude and Generosity

Our friends at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada have come up with a handy discussion guide on gratitude and generosity. It includes scripture and questions to get your workshop, seminar or study group headed in the right direction. (Photo © laurent hamels –

Personal Finance Workshop

Help get your own finances in order, or lead a group in your congregation, with this handy, free four-session workshop on personal finances.  The resource will guide your self-study or small-group session. Helpful video, too! From the Disciples of Christ’s Center for Faith and Giving. (Photo © mangostock –