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Essentials for Time Management

Church leaders face so many demands on their time, it’s no wonder many of us are depleted and stressed most of the time. Blogger David Murray has some tips for how to use time more effectively. (Photo: Grublee,

Stewardship of Time Bible Study

For many Americans, time is their commodity most in demand and in shortest supply! This wonderful lesson plan explores a number of Bible passages about time. Plenty for a Christian educator to use to craft anything from a Temple Talk to an all-day workshop! From the Center for Baptist Studies. (Photo: Robert van der Steeg, […]

Bill Hybels: The Work Habits of a Leader

Here is some important leadership advice from the founder and senior pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church. In contrast to what most people think, Hybels says the most important asset is not time, but rather the ability to energize and motivate others. Good watching, from

Time Management: Do more! Be More Effective!

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? Or that you could just get more work done? Here are some amazing tips from a British group called MindTools, which offers a lot of free information about time management and other important skills. (Flickr image by alancleaver)