Encouraging Attitude Change in the Congregation

Why is it that lots of churches and their leaders work hard and pray fervently for a better future, yet never seem to get anywhere? The determining factor in congregational flourishing often comes down to attitudes. Change initiatives can grind to a halt when prevailing attitudes impede movement. But attitudes can change, and leaders who have an understanding of the anatomy of an attitude can help congregants reconsider and revise them. (Photo: Garry Knight, Creative Commons)

Leadership in Scarcity

When I speak with mainline ministers, we wonder if our entire career has been spent in a time of institutional scarcity and decline. Clearly, leadership in a situation of abundance and growth is very different than leadership in a situation of scarcity and decrease. If there is “a time for every season under heaven,” then this is a time for “Leadership in Scarcity,” indeed. Let me try to describe some challenges and gifts and offer a few proposals. (Photo © James Steidl –