Handling Our Wealth

Good stewardship education helps people see the connections between their use of money and their walk as disciples of Jesus Christ. This series of four short articles explores key ideas in steward discipleship and cites Scripture to back them up. Churches are free to use them in whatever way find useful, and even to reproduce them (with credit, of course!) in newsletters, bulletins or websites! (Photo © Pei Lin –

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Steward

Much has been written about the habits it takes to be a highly effective person, or a highly effective family or a highly effective teen. This series of seven brief reflections — which your congregation can reprint in a bulletin or newsletter — explores the habits of a highly effective steward. Since stewardship is a part of discipleship, and discipleship is a journey for each of us, we hope that these habits will help us reflect on this area of our Christian life. (Photo: Fit Approach, Creative Commons)

41 Thoughts on Stewardship

Looking for a nice stewardship quote for your newsletter, sermon or bulletin? Here’s the resource for you! The Barnabas Foundation has compiled this list that will provide something for every occasion. (Photo © trotzolga –