The Work of the Week

There’s a distinction between what pastors do on Sundays and what we do between Sundays. What we do on Sundays has not really changed through the centuries: proclaiming the gospel, teaching Scripture, celebrating the sacraments, offering prayers. But the work between Sundays has changed radically, and it has not been a development but a defection. (Photo by Grublee, via

Is it Robbing God to Tithe on Your Net Income?

It’s the question you frequently hear about tithing — do you base it on gross income? Or after-tax income? This feature presents different viewpoints from three writers — Frederica Mathewes-Green, David A. Croteau and Steve Stewart. Which viewpoint resonates with your own view? (Photo: Tax Credits, Creative Commons)

Donations are Trending Away from Church

Christians are giving away more money than before the recession. But the parachurch, not churches, is getting most of it, according to the latest reports from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and Giving USA. This article from gives the details. (Photo © June Reed –

Want to Be Missional in the Way of Jesus?—Avoid These 5 Mistakes

The term “missional” describes the activity of God’s people in the world for God’s mission. But now the word has taken on broad meanings by such diverse and often contradictory voices that, to some, “missional” has become virtually meaningless, argues ChristianityToday blogger Ed Stetzer.  (Photo by Randy OHC, used by Creative Commons license)

The Delicious Invitation to Rest

“Sabbath is the day that I cease to see myself as a tool of production. And blissfully, I recover the scale and proportion of my life, even my own self,” writes Jen Pollock Mechel, in a guest blog on It’s a good read for all of us who think we’re too busy.  (Photo by […]

Book Review: ‘Gratitude’ by Peter Leithart

Peter Leithart’s new book, titled simply Gratitude: An Intellectual History, takes a sweeping look at gift-giving from ancient to modern times, with particular emphasis on how Christ changed — and continues to influence — the culture and customs surround gifts. Review from  (Photo by Tiger Girl, used by Creative Commons license)

Photo by Sarah Reid, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!

The Prosperity Gospel Is Surprisingly Mainstream

BOOK REVIEW: In “Blessed: A history of the American Prosperity Gospel” author Kate Bowler finds there are deeper roots and wider expressionof the much-maligned “prosperity gospel.” It is an outgrowth of American optimism, says a reviewer from  (Photo by Sarah Reid, used by Creative Commons license. Thanks!)

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Should Pastors Know How Much Members Give?

Is it helpful or harmful if a pastor knows how much every member gives? On the one hand, it can help a pastor diagnose problems in the congregation. On the other hand, the pastor may start playing favorites. What do you think? Experts are divided, as this discussion by reveals. (Photo © Michael Nivelet […]

The Joyful Environmentalists

Here’s an article from Christianity Today you’ll enjoy. Andy Crouch interviews long-time friends Eugene Peterson and Peter Harris, both of whom are actively involved in environmental issues and creation care. Click here to read “The Joyful Environmentalists.” (Photo by Yasin Hassan. Thanks!)