The Work of the Week

There’s a distinction between what pastors do on Sundays and what we do between Sundays. What we do on Sundays has not really changed through the centuries: proclaiming the gospel, teaching Scripture, celebrating the sacraments, offering prayers. But the work between Sundays has changed radically, and it has not been a development but a defection. (Photo by Grublee, via

The Joyful Environmentalists

Here’s an article from Christianity Today you’ll enjoy. Andy Crouch interviews long-time friends Eugene Peterson and Peter Harris, both of whom are actively involved in environmental issues and creation care. Click here to read “The Joyful Environmentalists.” (Photo by Yasin Hassan. Thanks!)

The Good, Gray Color of Grace

22nd Sunday after Pentecost, Year A, October 24, 2010

This Sunday’s gospel passage from Luke reminds us that although we might like to see the world in clear cut opposites of black and white, life is really lived in the gray areas. Pharisee and tax collector, saint and sinner…yep, that’s us. (Photo by Flickr used under a Creative Commons License. Thanks!)