Cultivating a Mindset of Generosity

Is it possible to cultivate a mindset within our congregations and institutions that would reframe the stresses of the budgeting and fundraising season? Could a “sharing” mindset open up more creativity and decrease the feeling of fighting for scarce resources? The mindset I have in mind is “generosity,” writes David Odom, executive director, Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School.

Philanthropy and Church Funding

In a time of great needs and limited resources, congregations are increasingly looking to outside fundingsources. A former Duke Endowment officer tells how churches can connect with the world of philanthropy. (Photo © rangizzz –

Money and Faith: William G. Enright and the Big Taboo

As a young pastor in the 1960s, William Enright avoided talking about money in church, so it’s interesting that he spent the better part of his career taking on “the big taboo” in church life. Now as the director of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving he is in a good position to help Christians, and especially church leaders, engage in a constructive conversation about money. and adopt a healthy attitude toward wealth. (Photo © Alfredo Müller –

Self Care is not Self-ish

If you lead and serve in a congregational setting, be sure to read this article about the importance of self-care from Faith & Leadership at Duke Divinity School. (Photo: Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho)

Weight Loss is Ministry’s Gain

A pastor who once weighed over 400 pounds and preached while attached to an oxygen tank lost his weight and energized his congregation’s ministry by asking members to pledge a dollar or two for every pound he lost. That kind of playful innovation is sorely needed because clergy face higher rates of obesity than people in […]