Prepare for Those 65 and Older

The number of Americans 65 and older is expected to almost double from 40 million in 2010 to 74 million in 2030. Retirees facing an uncertain future on a fixed income may not be able to give as generously to the church year-by-year, but they will be putting their estate plans and wills in order. Here are some ways your congregation can get ready! (Photo: Garry Knight, Creative Commons)

In Giving, Lead by Example

Hey pastor, does the congregation know what you give? It ought to, and you should be leading by example, according to author and stewardship consultant J. Clif Christopher. “When a pastor and staff are not tithing and being generous in every possible way, it is seldom that I will see a congregation that does.” (Photo: […]

Dedicating Gifts

It takes only about a minute every Sunday, and it helps the congregation understand why their offerings matter. It’s the Dedication of Gifts, and this blog post from Horizons Stewardship says it makes a big difference changing the attitudes and habits of members.

Should A Pastor Know Who Gives What?

It’s an issue for intense debate across congregations: Shoud a pastor know how much members give?  Although other measures of commitment and vitality are readily apparent — attendance, participation in church events and educational offerings — giving is not. Shoud it be? Nathan Early of Horizons Stewardship explores. (Photo © Michael Nivelet –

Tell Your Story!

What’s the best way to excite people about giving to your ministry? The simple truth is to tell the story of how your donors’ contributions connect to a ministry that changes people’s lives, says this blog post from Horizons Stewardship Company.  (Photo © mangostock –