Be Careful What You Ask For

Lectionary Reflection for the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Year B
September 27, 2015
Do you occasionally pine for “the good old days”? Do you hear folks in the parish lament about the way things used to be? Moses heard the same thing. Thankfully, God is still up to new things in, with, through, and even in spite of us. What if we turned our “Oh, if only…” into “With God only”? (Photo: wsilver, Creative Commons)

  • September 21
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Rx for Broken Lives and Faltering Faith

As the most obese or overweight people on the planet, Americans know we need to do something about our poor health. Fortunately, the medical community is responding with remedies, both complex and commonsense. But is our spiritual health much better? Fortunately, the Bible tells us clearly how to get into good spiritual shape!

  • September 26
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