Vocational Stewardship

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, Year B, February 8, 2015
How we approach our work, our sense of wholeness and balance, and our mission to love God and serve neighbor in all that we do is part of stewardship. It’s worth considering. It’s important to talk about. And it’s key to one’s discipleship journey and the life of faith. This week’s gospel provides one such opportunity to do so. (Photo: FaceMePLS, Creative Commons)

What We Come to Do

Lectionary Reflection for the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, February 5, 2012

Dear colleagues in ministry, this week’s lessons offer hope for the weary, the wounded, the wanderer, and you. God loves you and wants to lift you up so that you can continue what you came to do. (Photo by Carl Chapman used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)