A Case of ‘Teacher’s Tongue’

16th Sunday after Pentecost Lectionary Reflection, Year B, September 13, 2015
God has given us voices to be used in service of the good news of Jesus. One question this week’s lessons may invite is how are we using our “teacher’s tongue” to make a difference? A lot of words fill the air all around us, and not all of them are nice. Yes, a lot of responsibility comes with being given the “tongue of a teacher.” (Photo: Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Creative Commons)

  • September 10
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The Gratitude Attitude

Lectionary Reflection, 16th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B
September 16, 2012
This week’s psalm offers the perfect opportunity to talk about living with an attitude of gratitude–a necessary precursor to effective stewardship. (Photo by barbicane used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

  • September 12
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