A Debt of Love and Loving Covenant

Lectionary Reflections for Sunday, September 7, 2014
Whether you’re looking at love and reconciliation with the RCL lessons or God’s covenant with Noah and all creation, we have sermon starters, worship ideas, and suggestions for time with youth and children. Beginning this week, we’ll be looking at both the Revised Common and Narrative Lectionaries. (Photo: Marcelino Repayla Jr., Creative Commons)

Messy Moments in Ministry

Lectionary Reflection (12th Sunday after Pentecost, September 4, 2011)
Ministry is messy; there is no way to be intimately involved in the work of God without getting dirt under our fingernails and confronting the debris of broken lives and dreams. Do we dare to be real, or do we wear the masks of who we “think” we ought to be? Photo by Eli Duke used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

Drawing Big Circles & Coloring Outside the Lines

Lectionary Reflection: September 1, 2008
In the unfortunate end, what it means to be church is skewed by the limits of narrow minds, shortsightedness, and fear.