Stewards of One Another

Seventh Sunday after Epiphany Year A Lectionary Reflection
February 23, 2014
Jesus clearly cares about how we treat one another. The “Sermon on the Mount” is full of teachings about proper human relationships. He begins many by referring to traditional law, saying, “You have heard that it was said…” Following the letter and spirit of the law is tough enough, but Jesus ups the ante considerably by doing what he does so well—drawing the circle of inclusion ever wider. (Photo: abhi, Creative Commons)

The Disciple’s Guide to Lavish Love

Valentine’s Day may be just a memory, but the disciple’s call to lavish love is an everyday reality. What does it mean to practice lavish love? Read on and see what this week’s lectionary texts have to say. (Photo by rococohobo used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)