A Mouthful of Divine Words

Narrative Lectionary Reflection (Year One, Week Ten), November 23, 2014
Jeremiah’s call to speak prophetically to God’s people is a tough one, but God puts the words in his mouth and goes with him. Yes, God equips ordinary people like you and like me to speak. When we do so, we can count on God to be sowing seeds of hope and abundance–even when the situation looks hopeless. (Photo: emdot, Creative Commons)

How to Prevent an Identity Crisis

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost Lectionary Reflection, Year A, August 24, 2014
Want to know how to prevent an identity crisis? Take a cue from Peter in this week’s gospel lesson. This lesson applies to 21st century followers of Jesus, too! (Photo: David Goehring, Creative Commons)


Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, Year A
How are we respond to the creative word and redeeming purpose of God? The answer is a simple one. We, the created and beloved, are to praise God and offer our thanks. We are to use our humble gifts of human voice, word, and action in joyous and grateful response to God’s amazing “Word” of grace, love, and mercy. (Photo: John Morgan, Creative Commons)

Stewarding the Mysteries

Second Sunday in Lent Lectionary Reflection, Year A, March 16, 2014
Yes, we are charged with stewarding the mysteries of faith in a world that seeks ready, quick, and easy answers. Impossible? Thanks to the faithful witness of those who have gone before us, we continue to share the good news and sacred mysteries that defy explanation–and that defy sin and death. Along with Nicodemus, we still sometimes wonder “How can these things be?” (Photo: Punktraum, Creative Commons)

The Ways of Love

Lectionary Reflection for the Third Sunday of Easter, April 14, 2013
What do love, fishing, and discipleship have in common? This week’s gospel lesson offers some good answers. (Photo:© Olga Khoroshunova –

Preaching and Money

Our culture is obsessed with money. We consume well beyond our means, and it places many on a stressful and self-destructive path. Preachers can and should address issues of money, but how? Here are three key points that can help. (Photo © Lisa F. Young –

Advent: A Time for Re-Forming

Lectionary Reflection, First Sunday in Advent, Year B
November 27, 2011

This Sunday’s lessons offer many options for fresh approaches to Advent. Now is the time to invite people into a spiritual season of re-formation, contemplation, readiness, and action. (Photo by BLW Photography used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

Do You See What I See?

Lectionary Reflection Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year A, May 30, 2011 In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me; because I live, you also will live.  John 14:19 My youngest daughter recently saw a new optometrist for her annual eye exam. She has complained on and off […]

Let us go now to Bethlehem!

CHRISTMAS EVE, Year A, Dec. 24, 2010
Our job is to go to Bethlehem right here, right now, in whatever context we live and serve and tell the story of the Messiah’s birth. To do so, however, we first must plumb the depths of our own heart and allow Luke’s story to fill us with wonder and hope and awe, just like those first century shepherds. (Photo by allegri used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

Here, There, and Everywhere


This week John calls us to repent, to turn, to do something new. God is on the loose in the world–here, there, and everywhere. Maybe we should get serious about looking for that kingdom of heaven come near. (Photo by Per Ola Wiberg, used under a Creative Commons License. Thanks!)