Streamline your Life with Good Stewardship Habits

Good stewardship habits are good for both your life and your wallet, according to Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow, who includes sharing, gratitude, and contentment among her twelve tips to streamline one’s life and budget. Dr. Yarrow’s suggestions are particularly timely for this season of Advent when we are bombarded with messages to overspend and overbuy. (Photo: Rubbermaid Products, Creative Commons)

A Gracious Plenty

Lectionary Reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 10, 2013
There’s grace aplenty and a gracious plenty whenever God’s around. Why are we so miserly with all this abundance? This week’s lessons provide much food for thought. (Photo © Joshua Resnick –

We are What We Eat

Lectionary Reflection for the 12th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B, August 19, 2012

If it’s true that we are what we eat, we who claim to be Christ’s disciples better whet our appetites and feast on Jesus. Why? So that the divine presence and promise infuses our very pores like garlic, and so that we can share this everlasting meal with others.

For Granted… Soap and Water

JUST LIVING Blog–This is the first in a series entitled “For Granted” that will examine the many things we take for granted amidst our abundance in North America. Plentiful access to soap and water is a good way to “come clean” and kick off the conversation. (Photo by the Italian voice used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!