Creation Care for Children

Blessed Earth offers a great list of resources for lessons, activities, and books to teach children about creation care. You’re sure to find something useful! (Photo: d-olwen-dee, creative commons)

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Give Your Children Good Money Habits

With TV, the Internet and social media, it’s no secret that kids today are bombarded with messages that shape their values and attitudes — especially when it comes to money. Here are some tips for parents to help teach youth and children about money. From Thrivent Financial. (Photo © Vibe Images –

  • September 23
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Introducing Stewardship with Children

Children are naturally curious and generous, so why not teach them to be good stewards of their gifts? This PDF brochure from the Presbyterian Church in Canada offers a number of ideas for how to help children understand Christian stewardship. (Photo by Richard Wagoner, used by Creative Commons license)

Intro to Stewardship for Children

Here’s a complete introduction to stewardship for children with lesson, talent card, commitment form, activities, and suggestions for parents. The curriculum is a free downloadable PDF from the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the U.S.A. (Photo: AngryJulieMonday, Creative Commons)