Done with Sit Down, Shut Up

People are leaving their churches because they feel excluded from participating in the communication of the message. They have heard countless sermons, but they grew weary, very weary, of sitting in pews, feeling muzzled, while the person on stage monopolizes every word, says Thom Schultz of Holy Soup. (Photo by stephen_jamesP, used by Creative Commons license)

Church Turnaround Ideas

What kinds of things give the American church hope for the future? In spite of declining trends, participants at the recent Future of the Church summit identified some clear strengths and opportunities for the church in North America. From Thom Schultz of (Photo by Navdeep Raj, used by Creative Commons license.)  

Rise of the Dones

You’ve heard of the “Nones” — those whose religious affiliation is None. But there is a growing multitude of church ex-members who have simply left church for a variety of reasons. They’re sometimes called the de-churched. They have not abandoned their faith. They are not Nones. Rather, call them the Dones. What can we do about it? (Photo by Lukas Kastner, used by Creative Commons license.)