Signs of the Time

Lectionary Reflection for the First Sunday of Lent, Year B
Time is in short supply in our age, yet the call to the spiritual disciplines of Lent asks us to reconsider time. The time is fulfilled, and we are living into that fulfillment. (Photo by opendemocracy used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!0

The Bible Calls For Moral Action on Climate Change

When it comes to climate change, here is the moral narrative. What will your grandchildren’s grandchildren ask about why we, and why you, did not do what was necessary for them? Why were we so selfish and short-sighted? And here is the biblical and spiritual narrative: does care for God’s creation really allow us to exploit the earth and its resources for short term economic self-interest? Is that good stewardship and the humble worship of God? (Photo by Giuliano Maiolini, used by Creative commons license)

Vacation Daze

‘IT’S PERSONAL’ BLOG Do you get enough vacation time to relax and refresh yourself? Just an hour ago I arrived home from the airport after a glorious vacation, so the memories are still fresh. The weather was great, as were the sights. We visited an art museum, saw some great live music, ate some delicious […]

Ordinary Time? How About ‘Miracle Time’ Instead?

“IT’S PERSONAL” BLOG Now that those sexy church seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost are behind us, we are now full into the plain vanilla liturgical straightaway known as “Ordinary Time.” What a crummy name for a church season. Can it get any worse? Yes! The liturgical color is green. What’s so […]