Essentials for a Successful Stewardship Strategy

Nearly every church faces two great challenges — developing more leaders and developing more resources to fund the ministries of the church. This video training series presents a plan for overcoming both of these challenges even as you increase your church’s effectiveness in carrying out the Great Commission. This training is divided into 13 short segments. Show all of the segments over a period of time or simply pick and choose those segments that best meet your church’s needs. (Photo: Rob Nguyen, Creative Commons)

Training Tool: Effective Leadership in the Church:

It’s no secret that more than ever churches need good leadership. But how do you develop leaders? This 60-page training guide can help. Put the case studies and exercises to work in congregational retreats, staff meetings, Christian education classes and other settings.

Travels with Charlie

‘It’s Personal’ Blog My spiritual life has recently been invigorated by a Springer Spaniel with an inquisitive mind, a super-sensitive nose and unwavering insistence.  Charlie is a new addition to the household, and has daily needs that I must help him fulfill, lest my carpet and hardwood floors suffer the consequences. Charlie must be walked […]

  • September 22
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