Quick Stewardship Ideas for Youth

Sometimes, when young people are gathered, there’s an opportunity to utilize the time to focus on the whole concept of stewardship.  Here are a few ideas to play with, from the Anglican Church of Canada. (Photo © Vibe Images –

Teaching Children to be Generous

Here’s an article from the Wall Street Journal that offers good tips for parents in any income bracket who want help their children become generous stewards of time, talent, and resources. (Photo: © Jaren Wicklund –

Let there be…Stuff?

Here’s a six-session faith-based curriculum that helps Christian teenagers explore the relationship between their consumption, their faith, and the health of the planet. It’s a creation of The Story of Stuff Project and GreenFaith and includes a slideshow and plenty of interactive components. Best of all…it’s free to use! (Image Courtesy The Story of Stuff […]