Go Green! Getting Started in Your Church

By Eco-Justice Ministries, March 5, 2015

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The “getting started” stages of greening your church provide a wonderful opportunity to make a qualitative shift in your church life. You can go from not doing anything, to doing something! You can move toward responsible practices that will save your church money. You can start to explore new perspectives on faith, worship and spirituality that will renew and energize your members. You can engage students of all ages with creative and relevant classes that touch on a broad range of topics. You can involve people who have environmental interests in volunteer activities and new leadership roles.

Photo by Michael Coghlan, used by Creative Commons License

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Eco-Justice Ministries is an independent, ecumenical agency that helps churches answer the call to care for all of God's creation, and develop ministries that are faithful, relevant and effective in working toward social justice and environmental sustainability.See Eco-Justice Ministries's website.

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