Here’s an Asset to Fund Ministry: Your Land

By the Rev. Dr. R. Mark King, October 27, 2016

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Churches need money for ministry, but the needs of congregations today outpace the will of people to give, especially given the generational differences between “the great generation” and baby boomers, and then between baby boomers and millennials. As traditional funding sources are maxed out, There is one asset that nearly all churches possess—land. Why not look into a land-use policy that can help finance ministry?

Photo: Alejandro Rdguez, Creative Commons

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The Rev. Dr. R. Mark King serves as Treasurer/Director of Administrative Services for the Western North Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. King has been ordained as both a Baptist pastor and a United Methodist elder. He has served two Baptist congregations as pastor: First Baptist Church Oakboro and Zion Baptist Church Shelby, both in North Carolina. He entered the world of church business administration at St. Stephen United Methodist Church in Charlotte and has served three additional congregations as CBA and/or executive pastor: University City United Methodist Church in Charlotte, Centenary United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, and Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. See the Rev. Dr. R. Mark King's website.

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