Lighten Up and Let Loose the Praise

Second Sunday of Easter, Year C, April 3, 2016
The “alleluias” are back, and are they ever plentiful! They sound pretty good at the Easter festival services, but have you noticed how they tend to lose their vim and vigor as the weeks go by? Why is that, and what can we do about it?

Signs, Wonders, & Movement-making

Second Sunday of Easter Year B, April 12, 2015
Jesus’ simple guide for an abundant life in faithful community has been working well for more than two milennia. It’s easy to contextualize, simple to follow, and provides proven results. The problem is that it requires a radical commitment. If you want signs, wonders, and movement-making, you have to be “all in.” (Photo: Mary Constance, Creative Commons)

Life in His Name

Lectionary Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter, Year A
April 27, 2014
Instead of looking at this snapshot from John’s gospel as merely Thomas’ story of encountering the risen Christ, maybe we need to explore it from our Lord’s perspective of relationship, of reaching out and clothing us in his love and with his own name and identity. (Photo: Mark Morgan, Creative Commons)

Doubt, Belief, and Life in Jesus’ Name

Second Sunday of Easter Lectionary Reflection, April 7, 2013
What do doubt, belief, and life in the name of Christ have in common? A lot! This Sunday’s gospel reading offers rich material to consider why it matters that we continue to gather, to tell the stories of faith, and to encounter Jesus. (Photo by Christine Matthews. Thanks!)

Impossible Dream or Resurrection Reality?

Lectionary Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter, April 15, 2012
No doubt about it, this Sunday is a great day to talk about stewardship and generosity. The lesson from Acts lifts up a model for Christian community that is both controversial and compelling. Are you up to the challenge? (Photo by stephen.willis used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!0