Why Christians Should Care About Creation

In this podcast the director of Lutherans Restoring Creation discusses the role of creation in theology and the resources available for Christians who want to bring care for creation into their faith lives. From Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary.

Renewal and Green Ministry

For this congregation, revitalization and embracing the GreenFaith Initiative go hand in hand. The story of United By Faith, Evergreen Park, Ill., shows how even a smaller congregation can take on the challenging work of going green. From Lutherans Restoring Creation. ((Photo by  Michael Coghlan, used by Creative Commons license)

Make a Personal Covenant with Creation

Think about it: Every action has consequences on other humans and on the Earth. Here’s a cool resource to help you and your congregation learn the impact your actions have on the environment that we share with every other living creature. The covenant will help you commit to reducing your impact on others and walking lightly on Earth. Use the covenant as a learning project with the youth group, Sunday school class or the whole congregation. (Photo by Sun Dazed, used by Creative Commons license)

Join the Energy Stewards Initiative

ELCA congregations and outdoor ministry sites are invited to participate in the Energy Stewards Initiative, a one- to two-year program to help lower their energy usage, which not only is good for the planet but it also frees up money for mission. Deadline is May 15. Check out the details at Lutherans Restoring Creation. (Photo […]

Greening Your Office

With simple steps that are easy to implement, you can make your office more energy efficient and cut down on waste. How many can you achieve by next week? From (Photo by  Zhao!, used by Creative Commons license)

Join the Hymn of All Creation

Join the hymn, yes, but also minister to God’s creation as priests, reminds Tom Mundahl in his Lectionary reflection for Dec. 28 on “The coming of God in Christ at Christmas changes everything.” (Photo by The Bees, used by Creative Commons license)

Solar Electricity Energizes Church

It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for the church budget — in the long run. Read about how faithful Christians installed solar panels for their church, from Lutherans Restoring Creation. Could it work at your house of worship? (Photo by  Michael Coghlan, used by Creative Commons license)

Creation Care Lectionary Commentary: Pentecost 2 A

“Listen to true prophets! Righteousness and Justice for All Creation!” is the title for the Creation Care Lectionary Commentary for the second Sunday after Pentecost, June 122  Caring for the environment is our age’s most pressing priority. The folks at Lutherans Restoring Creation offer a weekly commentary to lift up environmental themes from the Lectionary. (Photo […]

Make a Personal Covenant to be an Earthkeeper!

So, you consider yourself an environmentalist Christian? Well, take the plunge! This personal earthkeeping covenant from Lutherans Restoring Creation will outline specific actions you can take in your daily life to be a “green” (or “greener) disciple. Why not challenge your study or youth group? )Photo by dizfunkshinal, used by creative commons license

Congregational Earthkeeping Manual

Earth is in trouble—from global climate change, the pollution of air, land, and water, and much more. As people of faith, we believe that the degraded ecological condition is in part a spiritual problem. And as people of faith, we can work to educate about, advocate for and model a new ways of looking at God’s creation. This manual will explain how. (Photo Photo by Aussiegall, used by Creative Commons license.)