Make a Personal Covenant with Creation

By Lutherans Restoring Creation, July 2, 2015

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Think about it: Every action has consequences on other humans and on the Earth. Here’s a cool resource to help you and your congregation learn the impact your actions have on the environment that we share with every other living creature. The covenant will help you commit to reducing your impact on others and walking lightly on Earth. Use the covenant as a learning project with the youth group, Sunday school class or the whole congregation.

Photo by Sun Dazed, used by Creative Commons license

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Lutherans Restoring Creation is a grassroots movement of Lutherans that is driven by laity, pastors, lay professionals, synodical leadership, and others who hold positions in the ELCA and its institutions. We seek to empower and equip ELCA congregations, synods, seminaries, colleges and universities, outdoor ministry sites, public policy offices, social ministry organizations, and the ELCA churchwide leadership to embrace caring for creation in more substantive and meaningful ways.See Lutherans Restoring Creation's website.

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