Unlikely Dance Partners: Lament and Hope

First Sunday of Christmas Year A, January 1, 2017
How quickly we move from the celebration and joy of Christmas day to the reality of the world’s brokenness. Yes, it’s a delicate dance between lament and hope, but Christmas isn’t nearly over yet, and we trust that the arc of justice does bend and find fulfillment in Christ. (Photo: semelina, Creative Commons)

No Place Like Home

Narrative Lectionary Reflection for January 4, 2014 (Year 1), Second Sunday of Christmas
Home. There’s no place like home, or so the saying goes. This week’s story stretches from the holy family’s flight from home into Egypt to escape King Herod’s vitriol and murderous intent and back again. In a sense we are all refugees, but thankfully God erases the borders we construct, naming and claiming us in baptism. (Photo: Ted, Creative Commons)

Refugees All

First Sunday of Christmas, Year A, Lectionary Reflection
December 29, 2013
The gospel lesson this week is a particularly tough one coming on the heels of the Christmas story. However, it is one that we should not ignore because it says something critically important about the reality of life and our utter dependence on Jesus, God Incarnate. (Photo: mararie, Creative Commons)

Merry Christmas! What Now?

1st SUNDAY IN CHRISTMAS, Year A, Dec. 26, 2010
Christmas Day is almost over and the gospel text for tomorrow reminds us of this broken world’s painful reality. If you are still working on your sermon, perhaps you will find a word here along with an idea for your children’s time. Merry Christmas! (Photo by blacklord used under Creative Commons license. Thanks!)