Creation Care Devotional Guide

By Sarah Olson and Brooke Petersen, July 22, 2012

Looking for a stewardship of creation devotional guide to use? Here’s a good one from that provides scripture, a quote from the ELCA social statement “Caring for Creation,” a creation care fact, a prayer, and ways to become more involved and committed to caring for God’s good creation. Click here to access the free downloadable PDF document “Stewardship of Creation: A Thirty Day Discipline.” (Photo by robinsan used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

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The Web of Creation was established to foster the movement for personal and social transformation to a just and sustainable world from religious perspectives. The Web of Creation is maintained by the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and is supported through grant funding, sponsorship and endorsement from a variety of faith-based sources.See Sarah Olson and Brooke Petersen's website.

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